A very talented workforce 

The Precision Products team has made their reputation as a "custom job shop" that delivers what they promise! After a decade of achieving outstanding results, they teamed up with a power tool manufacturer and expanded their capabilities. The new Precision Manufacturing's MetalJobShop.com project is the result.

Need a single piece or prototype created? Design it - order it - we'll produce it.

The next step: Schedule a production run... of any size!

Quality finish work required? You need to explore our variety of metal finishes available. We specialize in powdercoating.

Multi-part assembly services are available "in house". From raw steel to finished product all under one roof!

Why waste time and effort warehousing and delivering product? Eliminate wasteful "double handling" and take advantage of our warehouse and delivery options. Drop-ship factory direct as needed.

Whatever your needs are, we were here yesterday, we're here today, and we'll be working with you tomorrow. Please visit our contact page and let us know how we can help you. If you plan on being in Western Minnesota... drop on by. We'd love to hear from you!